What Are The Visa Types In Saudi Arabia?


It’s not easy for those wanting to visit Saudi Arabia due to all the recent changes to visas. In this article we will explain the various types of visa is needed and how to obtain it by entering through a port-of entry in contrast to taking another type of form like sponsorships or getting guest status with their passports being valid only when they are within KSA borders, but not over the borders.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visas for business and commercial purposes

The most well-known and simplest way to travel to Saudi Arabia is through a commercial/business visa. This permits an individual on behalf of their company or organization in the event that they’ve received an invitation from an individual in the country already-to do business in that market. You are able to apply online at any time before leaving, provided that you meet certain conditions like having enough money in a particular bank that will permit money to be released on demand.

When a client would like to bring their family members to an event, they should first sign through the doors and then patiently wait while the office is going about its business. Sometimes , it could take up to 3 months. Following approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices around town, all schedules get settled, so when invitations go out there’ll be no delay or surprises on your part. It’s simply pure joy knowing that you’ll soon have someone special joining you.

2. Visit to Work

Be aware that a business visa will only be granted by the US employer. It is not possible to receive any compensation from Saudi hosts. If this sounds like something could be wrong check that their application for permission to work in the US is in place prior to their arrival to the country, but remember that it’s still being processed just like all other applications have to be so expect some changes when dealing with Embassy personnel.

3. Visa for Government

The third most frequent and simplest visa to get is a program sponsored by the government. You can apply for this type of permit by meeting with representatives from Saudi Arabian government agencies or their representatives at the embassy. But, you’ll require less documentation for this type of sponsorship. It generally takes about 1-2 business days to approve the application. It’s not a cost.

4. Family Visit Visa

Family visit visas are very difficult to obtain because they require proof of your connection to the person. For grandparents visiting you, you will need marriage licenses or birth certificates. However, it is crucial to establish a connection between the person who is visiting and you.

5. Residence Visa

The Residence Visa is intended for people who are looking to relocate or settle in KSA. This kind of immigration document is only available through the Ministry of Interior and it’s connected directly to the Iqama card, meaning you need an employment-based permit also. They’ll send you an invitation in yellow. However, it’s essential to go through the whole document.

6. Work Visa

It is difficult to obtain an Saudi Arabia work visa. One of the more complicated visas stipulates that you will be hired by and benefit from your employer, which could only be done if they provide one-time direct hire every year! Therefore, more often than not you will have to search through numerous recruiting firms prior to getting considered for employment with one company.

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